16" Multi-color Egyptian necklace, Ankh center

16" Multi-color Egyptian necklace, Ankh center
Item# EGY-S5780

Product Description

This is a reproduction of an Egyptian necklace, enhanced by lapis, aventurine and Carnelian beads, with Ankh and Lapis center.

The Ankh is recognized as an emblem of Ancient Egypt. The theory is that it combines the male and female symbols of Osiris (the T-cross) and Isis (the oval) and signifies the union of heaven and earth. It represents life and immortality, and is often depicted as being carried by the gods.

The necklace measures approximately 16 (40cm) long, and has Lapis, Carnelian, Aventurine and Gold-filled beads. The Ankh has a 24 Karat antique gold-plate over pewter.