Egyptian 5-charm symbols bracelet

Egyptian 5-charm symbols bracelet
Item# EG-BR51500H

Product Description

      This charm bracelet depicts 5 significant Egyptian symbols.

      In ancient Egypt, many Egyptian artworks were designed to be read inHieroglyph symbolic language, in order to provide the underlying message,
which was an essential part of their composition.

      In 1922, the tomb of The Egyptian King Tutankhamen of the 18th Dynasty was discovered. The funerary objects found in the tomb brought
a new light on the art of ancient Egypt.

      The Sphinx was depicted in the shape of a lion with the head of pharaoh. It symbolizes the unification of natural and spiritual power.

      The Falcon was worshiped as a cosmic deity, whose body represented the heavens and whose eyes were the sun and moon.

      The sacred eye, a protective device that was seen in amulets and jewelry.

      24K gold-plate over pewter & brass. Measures approximately 7.25.