Lily-of-the-Valley Basket brooch

Lily-of-the-Valley Basket brooch
Item# FA-B5532x

Product Description

Lily-of-the-Valley Basket brooch

       Our enameled Lily brooch symbolizes happiness and marital bliss.   We were inspired by the floral masterpiece (original image on left) of Fabergé’s acknowledged Lily-of-the-Valley Basket, created in 1896.

     Fabergé’s acknowledged, is the fabulous pearl, diamond, gold and nephrite Lily-of-the-Valley Basket, created in 1896.

       The Lily-of-the-Valley was a favorite flower of the last Tsarina since it symbolized happiness and marital bliss.

        Hand enameled 24K gold-plate over pewter.    Measures approximately 0.9" x 2.25". This brooch is adapted from one of the blossoms in that basket.
     Measures approximately 0.9" x 2.25".